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Phaco surgery

.What is Phaco surgery?
Phaco surgery done for cataract is very common nowadays, which is mainly done when the person faces reduced vision, increased pain and inflammation in the eye. This surgery is really successful in most cases and people who undergo this surgery later find an improved vision and also increased mobility of the eye without any fear of getting blind. The simple procedure of Phaco surgery involves:
•Two small cut or incisions are made at conjoint of cornea and sclera of around 2.2 mm
•After that a circular opening is made on the lens surface or capsule.
•Thirdly a small Phaco probe is inserted in the eye.
•Then ultrasound vibrations are used for breaking up that cataract into small fragments and after that the pieces and lens are removed.
•Now, the IOL is placed inside the eyes capsule.
•Finally the incision is left open since it seals itself.
Why this Phaco-surgery is performed?
There are certain reasons which tell that one should undergo this surgical procedure:
•When you start facing double vision
•When you observe a big difference in your vision of both the eyes.
•Your lifestyle starts getting affected by your vision problems that are caused due to cataract.
•Glary vision which is caused in day light usually.
•Lastly when another vision-threatening diseases like diabetic retinopathy are faced by you.