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Mohan Eye Hospital is one of the leading eye care hospitals which offer best in class services for your eye. We are serving mankind since years of our journey and we believe in delivering better quality life to our patients. The large chain of expert ophthalmologists, clinical nurses, staffs and optometrists at Mohan eye Hospital are serving its patients by offering them variety of facilities for eye problems. Main motive of Mohan Eye Hospital is to deliver its patients latest advanced technology at affordable prices.

Our doctors at this super specialty eye care hospital has done a number of surgeries and treated numerous patients suffering with eye related diseases. Our hospital protocol is very strict and the practice patterns are accredited by high governing body of Indian Medical Association. Our patient friendly environment as well as modern equipment and techniques being used here make it the perfect place for quality eye treatment.

Mohan Eye Hospital provides all these services in different sub specialty sections of eyes. The better care delivered at our hospital is output of our highly responsible team of professionals. We cater our patients with international standards in every subdivision including corneal infections, retinopathy, cataract, glaucoma, squint, uveitis and also pediatric ophthalmology. Our hospital keeps on organizing continuous training programs and researches for developing expertise skills in ophthalmology field.

Our good management system of the hospital and quality services offered at our hospital gives us the motivation and power to keep on heading forward with new technological advancements and better services. Our team of Mohan eye Hospital is working on guiding principles of achieving excellence through its continuous efforts and services. We believe in our ability to be a reputed leader in eye care specialty.