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Micro phaco surgery

 What is Micr0 Phaco Surgery?

Micr0 Phaco surgery is also a type of Phaco surgery which is much more effective for the hard cataracts and also for the corneal astigmatism which is created during the surgical procedure. It is really advantageous in decreasing the postoperative corneal aberrations. The main procedure of Micr0 Phaco surgery involves:
•Firstly, in this surgery an incision is made of 1.8 mm which is less as compared to the regular Phaco surgery.
•Then by the help of irrigating chopper the circular opening is made and at the same time the Phaco probe is inserted in the eye.
•After that, the high frequency ultrasound vibrations are used to break the hard cataract into pieces.
•Lastly, the intraocular lens is inserted inside the eye and then the incision is left open.
This surgery is most preferred method of surgeons due to various reasons like smaller incisions which creates a low impact on the corneal biomechanics as well as it causes reduced astigmatism. Then it also offers a better fluid managing system which is really effective for patients as well as patients also.
Are there any complications associated with Phaco surgery?
The advanced technology has made this surgery a very easy and safe procedure to get vision improved. Like other surgeries, some complications are associated with phaco surgery also. There might be a fluid discharge after the surgery. So, proper care should be taken by your ophthalmologist. A medication process starts after your surgery so that can help in getting rid-off this problem and even improves the healing process fast.
What is the probability of getting cataract again once the Phaco surgery is done?
There is rarely any chance of getting cataract once the surgery has been done. But still patient should take care of their eye for few days after surgery has been performed.
What is the guarantee of getting clear vision after this surgery?
There is no such guarantee which can be assured of by any surgeon but it has been seen after several surgical removal of cataract that it leads to an improved vision. It is not as such a magical procedure and need not necessarily restore your normal vision. Blurred vision can be seen immediately after this surgery because eye heals over a certain period of time with correct mediation taken under your doctor’s supervision. 
Is there any chance of wearing glasses again after Phaco surgery?
Quality of life improves once the person undergoes this small surgery for cataract, therefore generally most people don’t require glasses after this operation but still there might be some cases which would require glasses after this surgical treatment.