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 What is conjunctivitis? 

Conjunctivitis, sometimes also known as pink eye is a condition which causes swelling and redness of membrane which lines the eye surface and eyelid. It is caused due to viral or bacterial infection and due to extremely dry eyes, chemicals, smoke or fumes and allergies. Both bacterial and viral types of conjunctivitis are contagious. People having conjunctivitis are always recommended to stay away from their school or work place. 
Conjunctivitis symptoms-
•Eye redness
•Red or swollen eyelids
•Foreign- body sensation (feeling of something stuck in eye)
•Excessive tears
•Eye drainage
•Burning or itching sensation in eye
•sensitivity to the light tends to increase
The treatment for conjunctivitis primarily consists of eyes cleaning and prevention of conditions from spreading. People affected from this corneal disorder should always wash their hands thoroughly, they should share their towels or washcloths with others and should avoid touching their eyes. Women suffering from conjunctivitis must avoid wearing eye- makeup.   
Generally eye drops are used for treating such type of eye disease. For bacterial conjunctivitis doctors usually prescribe anti-biotic eye drops.