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Ultrasonicc biomicroscopy

Ultrasonic biomicroscopy, the most advanced methods for assessment of eye problems like Glaucoma
Ultrasonic biomicroscopy is the latest imaging technology which utilizes the high frequency ultrasound vibrations for the formation of eye image at the nearest microscopic resolution. This is very much popular method for determining several eye disorders which cannot be detected easily. It actually views the eyes microscopically in detailed manner so that the disorder can be detected easily. By help of this method the high frequency ultrasonic vibrations penetrates inside the eyes and then if it lies inside the measurable wavelength then it is easily measured. 
It is used for detecting several disorders like glaucoma, uveitis, corneal trauma, opaque media, etc. 
This has proved to be a clinically tested approach for obtaining better results for the correction of eye vision. It works on the basics of ultrasound but it utilizes the higher frequency of it. It works on the 30-50 Mhz frequency that is considered to be the best for this particular examination. This actually is computer based diagnostic tool which works on the computer software that has special measuring feature for the measurement of thickness and the angles of defect. 
This famous tool is currently being used on a wide scale by the practitioners for the determination of the eye problem that can damage the normal eye vision.