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slit lamp microscopy

Examination of your eye problems with help of the Slit Lamp Microscopy
Slit Lamp Microscopy is one of the diagnostic methods that are used by ophthalmologist for the proper examination of the front areas of eyes. It majorly involves the assessment of iris, sclera, cornea, lens, etc. and it may also be used for the examination of optic nerve and the retina. This is quite helpful in the diagnosis of several eye diseases which includes macular degeneration, cataracts, corneal injuries, detached retina and the obstructive retinal vessel. 
The main procedure of this method involves placing of an instrument in the front of the patient. On that, the individual has to rest the forehead and the chin and after that the eye drop is put inside the eyes to clearly visualize the abnormality. These eye drops consists of yellow fluid that washes the eye tears off. Then after that the procedure involves the use of low power microscope and a high slit lamp which has a very high intensity so that the eyes can be clearly seen. This exam is performed at several intervals to track the various changes in the eyes at different time intervals. It is very much advanced and prominent ways of testing the eye problems by the ophthalmologist.