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Ophthalmoscopy direct and indirect

 Ophthalmoscopy direct and indirect: a test to check the health of Retina

Ophthalmoscopy simply refers to a functional test that is conducted by a health professional to examine the fundus of eye and other vital structures via using funduscope or anophthalmoscope. Ophthalmoscopy may be conducted as a part of normal routine tests for eye examination. The test will display you the condition of the vitreous humor and the retina.  The alternative to this therapy is fundus photography. 
Ophthalmoscopy is majorly of two types:
•Direct ophthalmoscopy: This proffers an unreversed, upright retinal image that is approx. 15 times magnified. The size of direct ophthalmoscopy is about the size of a small torch that has several lenses, which can be magnified upto 15 times. This type of therapy is mostly preferred in daily routine physical tests & examinations.
• Indirect ophthalmoscopy: This proffers a reversed or inverted, direct image that is usually 2 to 5 times magnified. Further, it comprises of a light that’s attached to a headband, in accumulation of petite handheld lens. This results in the wider view inside the eye and also proffers a clear resolution image of fundus of eye, even the lens are well covered or hidden with cataracts. Moreover, the therapy can be either binocular or monocular and further, it’s also used for peripheral examination of retina.