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Solve out several retinal problems via using Optical coherence tomography technique
OCT stands for Optical Coherence Tomography that comprises of non-invasive technique in which an image test is conducted via the use of light waves for taking cross sectional pictures of retina that is described as a light-sensitive component, which usually covers the back of eye. Through the OCT technique, each layer of the retina can be distinctively seen that allows ophthalmologist to measure and map down the thickness of each retinal layers. These measurements aids in early detection and diagnosis of any retinal diseases. As per which, proper guidance and medications be proffered to patients that provides them relief and relaxation. These diseases mainly include age related macular diseases, diabetic diseases related to eye and much more. 
OCT captures several cross sectional images of retina that are of micrometer resolution, which generates a three dimensional image from inside the optical scattered media as for example: biological tissue. This technique is also named as interferometric that usually employs the use of infrared lights. The other technology that is used with OCT is Confocal Microscopy that produces higher resolution images. The long wavelength allows the light to travel to high distance under the scattered medium. The range of the wavelength is about ~100 nm.