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Field analysis Humphrey

Detect the different eye problems and neurological problems by help of Field analysis Humphrey diagnostic tool
The visual field testing is one of those diagnostic tools that prove to be very helpful in the measurement and monitoring of glaucoma like eye diseases. This procedure involves field analysis Humphrey diagnostic tool that measure the full visual field of the eyes. This method is widely in practice by the ophthalmologists who are aware of the latest methods and technologies for the detection of various eye disorders.  This is a painless and simple method that is quite an effective and useful ways for diagnosing and monitoring the treatment of glaucoma in patients. 
The various other visual problems can also be determined by the help of it which lies inside the visual field of the patient’s eye. It can be quite helpful in diagnosing diseases like multiple sclerosis, optic nerve diseases, strokes, brain tumor and many other systemic and neurological diseases.
In this method the patient is placed in front of the machine which includes the latest visual analyzer features that can directly analyze the full peripheral region of the eye and thus can help in determination of the eye problems like glaucoma in a short duration.