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Keep track of the retinal cells of the eye by help of FFA diagnostic test
The Fundus Fluorescein Angiography test is one of the photographic examinations of the blood vessels of eyes. In this test a fluorescent dye is injected inside the blood stream and then by helps of that the photographic image of the retinal cells of the eyes. It is particularly performed for the diagnosis of various retinal disorders and to keep track over the treatment of retinal blood vessels.
This FFA test is quite famous for diagnosing the various vascular diseases of retina including diabetic retinopathy. It has no such side-effects which make it a popular choice for ophthalmologists in detection of retinal disorders.  
This test involves the injection of a non toxic fluorescent dye into the veins of the patient and then taking the photographs serially of the retina and choroid by help of ophthalmoscope along with suitable filters. It generates an angiogram that helps in finding any defective lesions inside the retina of the eye. Then after that the info which is obtained from it helps the doctor to diagnose and treat the problem. It is generally prescribed to take this test at empty stomach but patients can take their normal diet just after this procedure.