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Corneal topography

Corneal topography technique to detect the corneal deformities in your eyes
Corneal topography is one of the computer based diagnostic tool that is utilized for the proper examination of the eyes. It actually produces a 3D map of the corneal curvature of the eye surface and by the help of which eye specialists can determine the several eye problems that could affect the eye- vision. This method is very much popular ways for checking the irregularities inside the cornea. If there is any aberration in the cornea then, that can be easily detected by the help of this method.
This test is very much beneficial for the evaluation and examination of certain eye-damaging diseases like corneal abrasions, deformities, diseases, postoperative deformities, acquired astigmatism and Postop cataract extraction also. This method actually involves the use of the three dimensional map that is used along with the other required tests for the amount of damage made to the corneal tissues that can be corrected for obtaining the right vision.
It basically projects the series of the illuminated rings on the corneal surface that are reflected bacjk at the instrument. Then after properly assessing those rings of light, computer generated the topographic map of that particular corneal surface. These images are further used by the ophthalmologist to carefully analyze the problem in the eye.