Outpatient services
Inpatient services
Operation theatre
Dr. S. N. Mitter's Charitable Wing
Community outreach services
Outpatient services

The OPD has a large centrally
air-conditioned waiting cum reception area with seven
well-equipped examination rooms.
Director's Room

The patient care services provided can be evidenced by the following descriptions of the activities performed by our specialty services:

  • The Cataract and Primary Eye Care Service is the major activity of the Institute. Approximately 13,000 patients are seen each year. Each year 700+ of patients undergo cataract surgery at the Institute, benefiting from the experience of the distinguished faculty.

  • The Cornea Clinic diagnoses and treats corneal dystrophies, abrasions, scars, and other corneal problems. Corneal transplants and other surgeries are performed each year with gratifying results. Corneal mapping is possible for the accurate assessment of the corneal damage.

  • The Glaucoma Clinic provides a glaucoma assessment program to uncover the earliest signs of glaucoma in suspected patients, as well as charting the progression of the condition, including serial optic nerve photography in patients who have already been diagnosed. Surgical and LASER facilities are available for the treatment of glaucoma.

  • The LASIK LASER Clinic treats patients suitable for treatment after a strict evaluation program. The service provides realistic expectations to the patients and helps them see well without glasses.

  • The Oculoplastic Clinic is a service that focuses on problems surrounding the eyeball. These include conditions like Ptosis, other congenital and acquired eyelid disorders, and diseases of the orbit as well as the lacrimal system. The Service also includes a cosmetic surgery unit.

  • The Squint Clinic treats the unique ocular problems of children including Squint (crossed eyes) and Amblyopia (lazy eye). Surgeons also perform cataract and other surgeries on children.

  • The Retina Clinic treats all vitreoretinal diseases, including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, other vaso-proliferative diseases, and tapeto-retinal diseases like retinitis pigmentosa.

Inpatient services:

The Institute has a nursing home of 25 beds including 12 free beds for the economically weaker sections of the society. All private rooms are air-conditioned with attached bathrooms and intercom facility.

Patient admission room (Private)  

The general ward is air-cooled with an attached bathroom.

Operation theatre:

There is a twin operation theatre complex with a vast set-up of latest micro-surgical instruments. The institute undertakes all types of ophthalmic microsurgery and specialized surgical procedures.

Dr. S. N. Mitter's Charitable Wing

This was started in the name of late Dr. S. N. Mitter, B.Sc., M.B.B.S. DOMS(Lond), who was a well known ophthalmologist and Hony. Ophthalmic Surgeon to the first president of India, a position he retained till the end.He was professor and Head of Department of Ophthalmology, King George's Medical College, Lucknow. He joined Irwin Hospital as Senior Ophthalmic Surgeon and started his private practice at this very premise in 1951 (At the ripe age of 60, Dr. Mitter dcided to retire from surgical practice but enjoyed a peaceful though active retired life till his death in 1978). Dr. Mitter has been Dr. Hari Mohan's teacher, mentor and guide.

This wing has an independent air-cooled OPD and In-patient facility. The OPD has waiting lounge for 30 patients with two well equipped examination chambers. The services provided free of cost include:

  • Examination in the OPD
  • Admission in the indoor ward
  • All types of ophthalmic surgery including materials like IOLs, Silicone bands etc.
  • Super-speciality service
  • Pathological tests in the clinical laboratory
  • Spectacle frames and glasses or no profit no loss basis.

Community Outreach Services
It also provides free rural services and has adopted several villages including Karala and Mangolpuri Kalan. Free eye camps are held every year in and around Delhi and those requiring surgery are operated free of cost at the institute.
Men gathered at the free eye camp, village Gangaicha Ahir, Bikaner, District Rewari (2002)