Oculoplasty encompasses three major areas:

Reconstructive surgery- procedures done to correct deformities (congenital or developmental problems and deformities caused by accidents, infections or other diseases)

Cosmetic or Aesthetic surgery- performed to enhance a person's appearance (minimizing the effects of aging, reshaping and restoring normal body tissues, brow lifts, bulging eyes and facial contouring)

Lacrimal surgery- performed to treat watering of eyes due to blockage of normal passages.

Left eye drooping of eyelid before and after surgery

Sagging eyelids before and after surgery
Common Oculoplastic services
  • Blepharoplasty- to reduce baggy or sagging eyelid tissues

  • Ectropion surgery- to improve outward turning of eyelids

  • Entropion surgery- to improve inward rotation of eyelids

  • Ptosis surgery- to improve drooping of eyelids

  • Dacryo-cysto-rhinostomy (DCR)- to improve the watering of eyes due to tear duct blockage.

Right eye drooping of eyelid before and after surgery