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Contact Lenses
  • They are safe to use but require meticulous maintenance
  • They neither/nor stop progression or reduce glasses number
  • A wide array of lenses available to suit all needs
  • They help in providing a better quality of vision in high refractive errors
  • Colored contact lenses available for that perfect combination
  • The frame should be of the right size
  • The Geometric and optical centers should almost coincide
  • Aesthetics and reliability should be watched for
  • Let the children choose their frames (will ensure they wear it more regularly)
  • Frames should be of light weight
  • Choose lenses as per individual requirements
  • Wide range of lenses and frames
  • An exclusive array of frames (Designer and fashion frames)
  • Scratch proof lenses (Hard coat Lenses)
  • Anti-reflective Coated Lenses High index (increases visibility at night and in inclement weather)
  • Thin & Light Lenses (reduces lens thickness for strong power Rx)
  • All lens are custom made
  • All types of contact lenses are available like Soft Lenses, Disposable Lenses, toric Lenses, Multifocl Lenses and RGP Lenses
    Specialist :
    Mrs. Uditi Maheshwari | Dr. Seema Mittal


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